Have you ever thought about running for office? In this show I review  15 questions to help you decide whether to run.

 15 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Run for Public Office

  1.  Are You Qualified?
  2.  Why do you want to run?
  3.  Do you know what you want to do with the job?
  4.  Do you have time to run?
  5.  Do you have time to serve?
  6.  Is this the right time for you to run?
  7.  Do You Know and Understand the Issues?
  8.  Can You Win?
  9.  Can You Afford to Lose?
  10.  Can You Afford to Win?
  11.  Can You Raise Enough Money to Run?
  12.  Can you take the heat?
  13.  Have you fully considered the impact to your family?
  14.  Do you have support of your spouse?
  15.  Do You Know How to Run for Office?


I also discuss an MSNBC promo where Melissa Harris-Perry explains that we need to move past the idea that your children belong to you.

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