Boring Ahesd - next 20 minutesI thought about naming this episode “537 Reasons Why Your Political Speech Should Have 3 Main Points” but I was afraid it would scare you away. But how often have you heard a speech that seemed like it had 537 points? This seems to especially be the case with political speeches.  In today’s episode I want to encourage you that the next time you have to give a speech try to limit yourself only three main points.

Now in keeping with this advice I am going to structure the podcast today with three main points. We are going to talk about the following three main points.

  1. Why you should use only three main points.

  2. Reasons why people use more (many more) than three points

  3. How to structure your speech using three main points.

Reasons to use only three main points

Reasons why speakers use more than three points

How the three point speech works

Obviously the structure of a three point speech is  fairly straight forward.

  1. Introduction
  2. Main Point One – Supporting Points
  3. Main Point Two – Supporting Points
  4. Main Point three – Supporting Points
  5. Summary and Conclusion
  6. Shut Up


The three points allow you to develop contrast.  Typically you would arrange three points like this.

  1. Strong Point
  2. Weaker Point
  3. Strongest Point


Another form of three point speech addresses a specific problem and solution.

  1. Problem Statement
  2. Compounding Problem
  3. Solution


Regardless of what form you use, pick three points that are relevant to your audience and deliver with confidence!

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