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The U.S. congress is currently engaged in an attempt to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  It seems to me that the debate and news coverage has centered around which personality can come up with a secret backroom deal that can pass.  In this episode, I attempt to redirect the discussion back to some basic questions about the immigration debate: 

  1. How many immigrants should come to the U.S. each year?
  2. Who should we allow to immigrate?
  3. What are some of the factors that affect our decisions about who is allowed to come to America?
  4. Are those who oppose the Comprehensive Immigration bill necessarily racist?
  5. Why do people feel so strongly about the amnesty question?
  6. How important is future enforcement of the law?

I would love to hear your thoughts about the immigration issue, especially on how Republicans should approach and talk about immigration. Send me your thoughts at: [email protected] or just click on the microphone to the right to leave me a voice message.

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One Response

  1. Excellent podcast. I think you raised some very important questions. But before even discussing immigrants, we need to discuss how this will affect current citizens. Currently, the economy is lagging and many citizens don’t have jobs -why would we bring in more people to compete for scarce jobs and put a further strain on our economy? If anything, it will continue to cheapen labor. If we must have immigrants, then lets keep it at the status quo numbers in place. That said, we should prioritize immigrants with higher education or advanced skills. Any unskilled Americans don’t need further competition.
    Furthermore, anyone here illegally is a law breaking criminal. Illegal means NO legal rights whatsoever, no special Monopoly card that says “advance to Go, collect $200” . (Of course they have human rights, but the Left so often blurs legal rights with human rights to demonize Conservatives in the media). If we legalize them what kind of message are we sending them? Break our laws and we are ok with that?! I’m sorry, but rules are rules. You can wait on line just like everyone else.
    In addition, many of these illegal immigrants do not share American values. How many of them raised an American flag this past July 4th? In my city, none did. How about Mexican day? Suddenly, everyone has the time to put up a Mexican flag. I think it’s great they are proud of their heritage, but if they only put out their flag but not the American flag on our nation’s Independence day, you know what kind of message it sends. It spells out: I’m just using your country, thanks suckers. Legal immigrants must take a course in American history. We want immigrants to appreciate and understand what our country stands for. How will we instill patriotic feelings in the illegal population?
    Lastly, I believe that concerned citizens have the right -nay, duty to report illegals. Without background checks, they could be dangerous criminals. Even if not, they are not reporting taxes and stealing potential jobs from current citizens who need them.

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