It’s the beginning of a new year. Hopefully you’ve recovered from your New Year’s Eve experience and have begun to look ahead to the new political year.  Perhaps, like myself, you feel pretty frustrated about the state of our nation, especially as you look back at the last few years which have featured an ever-advancing slide into socialism and dependency for our fellow citizens. It is easy to feel hopeless if you just focus on the bad news.

One of the best cures for hopelessness is to take action.  Don’t be one of those people who goes around saying, “Somebody should do something!”  Be somebody who DOES something.  If you don’t know where to start, here is a list of actions you can take this year to help make a difference and improve your community and your country.

  1. Run for office:  The country is always in need of good new leadership.  If you are qualified, take the plunge and run for office. This doesn’t have to be a huge race. Run for school board or your local city board or county commission. We need good conservatives at every level of government.
  2. Encourage someone else to run for office:  Sometimes good people hesitate to run for office because they don’t feel confident others view them as leaders.  Give them a push.
  3. Apply to serve on an appointed commission or committee:  Many important decisions in your community are made by appointed commissions such as the planning commission or the zoning committee.  These boards are often difficult to fill with volunteers. Volunteer to serve. You will benefit your community and also gain valuable experience and insight into governing.
  4. Serve in leadership for your local political organization: You local Republican party or other conservative group needs people to step up and lead. Volunteer to be a precinct captain or even run for an elected party office.
  5. Volunteer to serve in your local political organization: There are many roles to be filled in your local party besides official officers.  Parties need people to be in charge of communications and planning the annual picnic.
  6. Volunteer to help someone run for office: If you don’t want to take the plunge yourself, volunteer with a good candidate you respect and help them run.  There is always a need for volunteers in a campaign.
  7. Volunteer to help out at a political event:  Your annual Reagan Day Dinner needs someone to park cars, take tickets, and greet guests. A great political event can set the tone for the entire campaign.
  8. Volunteer to be an poll worker or a poll watcher: In most states you can volunteer to be a poll worker.  This will likely require some training but often comes with a small paycheck.  You can also volunteer to be a poll watcher.  Either way, you help ensure fair elections in your city.
  9. Become an expert in a particular political issue:  Make this the year you finally understand the problems and issues with Medicare.  Read a book. Do some Google research. Then you will be prepared to answer your liberal nephew at Thanksgiving.
  10. Write a letter to the newspaper: Politics is all about communication.  Write a letter to the editor on an issue you care about (see #9).
  11. Record a podcast:  Podcasting is a new up and coming method of communicating ideas. If you are technically minded and enjoy speaking, you can use a podcast to inform on political issues.  (For example, TalkGOP Podcast)
  12. Write a blog: Have a lot to say?  Starting a political blog is easier than ever.
  13. Write short political articles on Facebook or other social media: If you don’t want to run a full web site, write up that letter to the editor and post it on Facebook or other social media instead.  Remember, you have more influence with your “friends” than some random politician.
  14. Leave comments on social media:  Comment on someone else’s political article. Start a discussion.
  15. Share good content on social media: If you find a good blog post, podcast, or graphic, share it on Facebook and Twitter.
  16. Talk to a friend about politics: Yeah, I know you are not supposed to talk about politics. But how will we convince anyone if we never speak to them?
  17. Talk to a young person about conservative principles:  The liberals have made great inroads into our countries schools and University and they are actively pushing their liberal viewpoints onto students.  Don’t let the conversation be one-sided. Explain why freedom and markets are better to a young college student.
  18. Vote in your primary:  If you want to improve the Republican Party, then vote in the primary.
  19. Vote in the general election:  Just do it.  Or shut up.  Your choice.