1. Meet fellow local conservatives

The local Republican party is where you are likely to find your community’s most active conservatives. Go meet them and feel validated!

2. To receive notice on local political events

Do you like to be “in the know?” Your local Republican Party usually serves as a clearinghouse on local events, including events with short notice such as quick visits by your congressman. Joining the party will put you on the receiving end of event notifications.

3. Volunteer for local events

Much of politics happens at small local events. By volunteering to support local rallies, dinners, or fundraisers; you can help build a more conservative America, brick by brick.

4. Meet elected Republican officials

Joining the party is great way to meet more elected officials. GOP office holders are frequent visitors to meetings, dinners, and rallies, often in a more intimate setting that allows you better “face time”.

5. Make a constructive difference

Many conservatives complain about “the establishment party” (including me). The best way to influence the party is to be a member OF the party. Through leadership and interaction with local party members, you can influence the GOP to be more conservative.

6. Learn to work with others

To be blunt, some conservatives act as if they are they only ones who are right on every issue. You may be correct on every conservative question, but you can’t accomplish anything without working with others. Joining a local party will develop your skills of furthering your agenda while cooperating with others.

7. Support local candidates

You want an outstanding conservative to win the presidency? Great, then you better elect a good state representative who can work his way up to Governor, then President. And by the way, many daily issues that affect you directly (trash collection & property taxes) take place at the local level. Your support of local conservative matters, and in a small town, you can make a significant impact.

8. Encourage other conservatives

Being a conservative can be a lonely endeavor, especially in a blue state. The addition of a single new member to a local Republican party can be a huge moral boost.

9. Help prepare for 2016

Every one gets excited by presidential elections. But the groundwork for the presidency will be established in 2015. Get involved now and you will be in middle of the fight in 2016.