[pullquote]and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity[/pullquote]

Over the last few weeks I have found myself thinking often of the topic of liberty.   Liberty is a distinguishing feature of the United States.  It is a feature worth defending in the 2016 election.

Liberty is defined as “freedom from control, interference, obligation, restriction, hampering conditions, etc.; power or right of doing, thinking, speaking etc., according to choice.”

U.S. Constitution


Liberty and Liberalism

Today’s liberal’s, led by the president, have open socialist tendencies. And socialism is anti-liberty.  Progressives want to “fundamentally transform the country.” And to do that they need to control you. Liberals do not trust the results of liberty, that’s why they are always trying to specify the outcome.

In this episode I discuss three main actions the GOP congress needs to pursue to set a successful liberty agenda in 2016:

  1. Re-establish trust with conservative and liberty minded groups on the right such as the tea party.
  2. Pressure President Obama and the Democrat minority to recognize the authority of the U.S. Congress
  3. Promote a message to the voting public that Republicans are pro-liberty and Democrats are controlling and unreasonable.


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