I am.

I am frustrated that the country is in terrible shape and the Republican party seems helpless to help fix any of its problems.

I am frustrated that the party seems unable to communicate to the American public.

I am frustrated that the Republican party can’t seem to figure out how to use the Internet to effectively spread its message.

I am frustrated because it’s not clear the Republican party has a message.


I am tired of hearing GOP leaders say we must surrender to win.

I am tired of the Republicans in Congress promising to win the next battle while surrendering the current one.

I am tired of Congressional leaders explaining to me that I don’t understand how Congress works.

I am tired of Senators using the stateliness of the Senate to avoid being statesmen.


I am tired of seeing liberals make weak attacks against us while those attacks go essentially unanswered.

I am fed up with liberals substituting name-calling for ANY kind of reasoned argument.

I am tired of seeing Republican spokespersons get out-debated by mediocre news personalities.

I am fed up with liberal media telling me what the Republican message is.

I am sick and tired of hearing about how “Ronald Reagan” would be considered too liberal by Republicans today. He would not for one simple reason. He fought. He fought liberals then and he would fight them today. They hated him then. They would hate him more today.


I am tired of hearing about the split between grassroots Republicans and beltway Republicans. I am especially tired of it because it’s true.

I am frustrated with state and federal party offices taking the grassroots for granted.

I am frustrated with the state and federal GOP failing to use the skill, talent and time of the grassroots.


I am tired of hearing Republicans say stupid things about women and abortion.

I am fed up with the liberal media telling me that my wife’s beliefs on abortion constitute a “war on women.”

I wonder if I’m the only one who feels that the “war on women” line insinuates that my wife and I don’t care about our own two daughters.


I am tired of the number of Republican office holders who have no stomach for a fight and no inspiration to persuade.

I am tired being called a right-wing radical by moderate Republicans because I want them to vote like they talk.

I am tired of small-town grassroots Republicans of being condescended to. The kind of people I’m talking about run small businesses, get their kids to softball practice and lead generally decent lives while trying to be a postive influence on their community. The kind of people that identify with Sarah Palin.

I tired of conservatives with degrees from Ivy League schools looking down on those of us who don’t. We have heard your explanations of why we can’t really have what the constitution says. We are not impressed. If you are so smart, we think you could find a way to understand and uphold such a simple document.


I am tired of the attitude demonstrated toward Christians by those tolerant people who call us mean-spirited backwards ignorant un-scientific, paranoid homophobic bigots.

I am tired of the profane, vile comments this post will generate from young liberals on social media.


I am sick and tired of witnessing the slow decay of America because our leaders fail to stand up and lead based on the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and the principles of the Constitution.

I am fed up with politicians who are too timid to roll up their sleeves and get to work turning the country around.


And that’s why I will.

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  1. I am so frustrated by all the things you wrote on the article. It helps when you see others are like-minded and feel the same way. I would like to add that I am so tired of the misconception that Jews are pro-Obama and Democrats. Yes, many older, non-religious Jews are liberal democrats, but demographics are silently shifting towards the GOP. I know this personally. The Republican values are the values of religious young Jews who care about our country! -Rabbi Cohen

  2. Thank you Rabbi. That’s another category I could have added. The
    automatic assumption that minorities can’t be conservatives. If
    conservatism really is better it should be better for everyone. We
    should be trying to persuade minorities to our side instead of changing
    our message to pander to them.

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