What’s it like to run for Coroner? That’s the topic of this episode.  My cousin, Andy Moore recently ran and won a race for Coroner against an incumbent in Butler County, Missouri.

We discuss what is like to run as a first time candidate and identified some lessons learned, including:

1. Some elected offices are a little unusual or less understood. Run on your merits and what you bring to the office.
2. Tell people you want the job.
3. Even for a small office campaign like you are running for a big office. (Campaign hard)
4. Some people (Democrats) will not vote for you no matter what.
5. Going door-to-door demonstrates your work ethic and commitment.
6. Think about how you present yourself.
7. Campaigning can be a family experience.
8. People want to know the person they are voting for.
9. Ask for help on how to file and run for your race.
10. Use past voter data! Don’t waste your time with people who don’t vote.
11. Form a budget of what you have to personally spend.
12. For a local race, have your friends share your posts on social media.
13. Even smaller elected offices give you access and influence in your community.

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