Iva Michelle Russell

This week on the show I interview Iva Michelle Russell. Michelle is a local Republican who has served as a county Republican chairman and has run for office as a Republican several times. Michelle has also worked in public relations for several successful candidates.

In this interview we discuss Michelle’s background as a Republican raised in the suburbs of Chicago and her move to a rural Tennessee county with a local government controlled by Democrats.

We also discuss the need to convince our youth that liberty is the new radicalism and the enduring importance of Ronald Reagan to the Republican party and America.

You can visit Michelle’s facebook profile at Iva Michelle Russell.

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  1. One of our readers sent me a message that the comments section was not working correctly. I think I have that fixed. I apologize if anyone else had difficulty. If you find the comments nor working correctly, please send me a note at the feedback button above.

    Following is a copy of the comment the user sent me by email.

    “I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Iva Michelle Russell following my recent move from Georgia to Monteagle, TN. As a Veterans Widow and Georgia Whistleblower, it was very refreshing to meet someone that speaks the truth, tells it like it is, and asks the needed – but not always wanted – questions. The national and state-wide demise of political common sense, ethics and accountability is not a \”Republican\” or a \”Democratic\” issue – it is an \”American\” issue. Only through the voices of more \”true Americans\” like Iva Michelle Russell will these critical issues be brought to the forefront now and before the next elections.”

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