September 16


GOP Debate Bingo!

BINGOPolitical Debates are notorious for having long sections of boring political speech.  To help liven things up a bit I have created a GOP Debate Bingo game.  The game is available as a PDF download with 4 game cards and a set of rules. Enjoy!

Download Your Debate Bingo Game Cards: –> DebateBingo


Official GOP Debate Bingo Rules

Candidate Photo Squares

  • You can cover a candidate photo square as soon as a candidate begins to answer a question. (Opening/closing statements do not count) This is worth 1 point,
  • Trump Square – Since “The Donald” is the center of Everything, he naturally occupies the center square. Unlike Bingo, however, the center square is not free. This is to remind Trump supporters who have a feeling he might win, that there’s no such thing as a free hunch.

Topic Squares

  • Whenever the words or general topic is discussed you can cover this square for 1 point.
  • BONUS: Before the debate begins, write in the candidate’s name under each square you believe will address this topic first. If you are right you get 2 points.


As in regular Bingo, the first to cover 5 squares in a row is entitled to yell “Bingo!” and in this version is entitled to extra points

  • 1st Bingo: 20 points
  • 2nd Bingo: 10 points
  • 3rd Bingo: 5 pointS
  • 4th Bingo: “What difference does it make?” (Hillary™)

Wild Cards

  • This game contains 8 optional wild cards. These cards contain wild events which are unlikely to happen but are very entertaining to think about. If one of these events occur, the holder of the card wins an additional 20 points.
  • BONUS: Contestants are encouraged to write their own wild predictions on the back of their card before the debate starts for a chance at 20 points.

Official Scorekeeping

  • Official scoring will be provided the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Simply send a detailed record of your game play to the CBO. Results will be available shortly before the 2020 presidential debate.
  • Unofficial scorekeeping may be kept on a simple notepad or complex Excel spreadsheet of your choice.
  • Disagreements over scoring shall be settled by vigorous unproductive debate, followed by internationally accepted method of Rock, Paper, Scissors.


  • Winner is the contestant who amasses the most points over the course of the debate.
  • Winner is entitled to have the losers hum “Hail to the Chief” each time Winner enters the room. This privilege shall be in effect until the next presidential debate, or until the Winner’s poll numbers plummet, whichever comes first.


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