March 16


Planning Your Political Dinner with Frances Arthur – TalkGOP Episode 15

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Frances Arthur visits with Lt. Col Allen West at a recent event.


On this episode of the TalkGOP podcast I interview my friend Frances Arthur.  Frances is a long time conservative and also happens to be an event planner for weddings and other events.

Frances shares tips on how to have a successful political event such as:

  • HAVE A PLAN! (planning – good: winging it – bad).
  • Have greeters at the door to make everyone feel welcome.
  • Have hosts who are responsible for making sure everyone mingles.
  • Considerations on seating arrangements
  • Ideal program length (1.5 hours)
  • No tall table centerpieces!


Frances is also running for the Tennessee Republican Party executive committee.  We discuss her work with young conservatives and what motivates her to run.  Finally she has a few comments on the so-called “War on Women.”

To learn more about Frances check her out on Facebook.

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