The New York Times published a piece today by Professor Adolph Reed Jr which dismisses the new Senator from South Carolina as a “cynical token.”

Prof. Reed’s comments are typical of the type of liberal thinking we need to stand up to regarding race and politics.

One of the most critical of Reed’s errors is the conflating of political position with racial identity.  In essence, his entire thesis is that all black people should think the same thing and they should all hold typical Democrat talking point positions.

Prof Reed makes a point (of some sort) that all four black Republicans of recent memory were elected in majority white districts and somehow this makes them only “tokens.”  He argues that a black Republican would only be legitimate if elected in a majority black district.  Of course in his way of thinking this can only happen when Republicans deliver a message that appeals to black Democrats.  In other words, he assumes the typical liberal position that the best thing for Republicans would be for them to become Democrats.

Of course I have a somewhat different solution. We could always work on convincing a majority of blacks to vote for black Republicans.

I suspect Prof. Reed would still find a way to make that racist.