First Rule of Fundraising

Last summer my 10 year son went to a church camp for the first time with his older sister. One of the features of the camp is a banquet the last Friday night of the camp. When I picked the kids up from camp on Saturday morning, the first words out of my daughter were, β€œHe had a date!”

Not just any date. My son, who had just finished 5th grade went to the banquet with a high school junior. I asked him how he ended up with the date. He told me, β€œA bunch of other guys were talking about wanting to ask her to the banquet but nobody did. SO I ASKED HER AND SHE SAID YES.”

My son figured out a lesson that took me another ten years to learn. If you want a date with the pretty girl, you have to ask. (Note to self: keep an eye on my son when he gets to high school.)

The same is true for fundraising. So often we spend all our time talking about who we should ask, how we should ask, when we should ask or even if we should ask for money. But unless you ask you will never receive.

If you want to raise funds for your campaign or your party, above all else, you must ask for the donation.


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  1. Thanks Donna.

    Yeah I think one of the reasons people don’t ask is because they are afraid of the NO. If you understand it’s a numbers game, you have to move past the fear and JUST ASK.

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