1. How many immigrants should we have each year?

It is obvious that many legislators think we should have a lot more immigrants than the current law allows.  We should demand that Democrats tell us just how many immigrants we should have each year.  This should be accompanied by the following question: “Where is your bill to raise the immigration limits to your new number?”  Democrats have talked a good game about immigration, yet they don’t seem to have taken any action to raise the limits they supposedly support.

2. Why should such a large portion of our immigration come from Mexico?

Conservatives have been attacked for being racist whenever they have proposed cracking down on illegal immigration because such a large portion of illegal immigrants are of Hispanic origin. But  the same question is rarely asked of democrats.  If we have millions of people from all over the world waiting in line to get into America legally, then why should such a huge percentage of them come from Mexico? Isn’t it prejudicial against Africans, Indians, Asians, and other races to show such favoritism?

Just sayin.