November 22


Welcome to TalkGOP!

This site is for you if:

  •  You are a local party officer or activist
  • You want to run for a local political office
  • You want to learn how to become effective at local public service
  • You want to run a successful issue campaign for a local ballot initiative
  • You just love local politics


This blog features how-to articles and commentary on:

  1. Building up your local Republican or other conservative group
  2. Winning local elections
  3. Providing effective leadership in local elected office and appointed boards


Also, coming soon the TalkGOP podcast.  This is an online audio program you will be able to listen to right here on the site or you can subscribe using your favorite podcast software.

I believe local party leaders and candidates need a resource to address their specific needs . I want to provide a community where local conservatives can network and share ideas that work on a smaller level. I hope to learn from this just as much as you.

I would invite your feedback in the comments. I hope you will share your questions and insights.

Who am I?

Longtime GOP party member
Served as chairman of Young Republicans, county GOP treasurer, county GOP chairman,
5 years service on local planning commission, 4 years service on local economic development board. Past candidate for State Senate.


Thank you for visiting TalkGOP. I hope you find it useful.




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