It’s a presidential election year.  Are you going to be active in politics this year?  Many people observe politics, but don’t really get involved.  In this episode I want to encourage you to take action and make a difference in 2016

People Hate Politics.
  1. They think all politicians and most people involved in politics are liars.
  2. They think that politicians are hypocrites, they say one thing and do another.
  3. They don’t believe that anything people can do will make any difference at all, that the game is rigged.
  4. They believe that their fellow citizens don’t really care what happens so what’s the point in trying to change things?
  5. They believe politics is too complicated, that the average person can never really understand the issues and the complications to make a good decision.
  6. They don’t like the arguing. They just find debate distasteful, so they avoid it.
  7. They think it’s too negative. Everything they hear in the news is gloom and doom, they tire of it and just stop paying attention.

It’s true that politics can be distasteful.  But politics is also important.  Politics affects nearly every area of our lives, from taxes to defense to our toilets (yes, toilets). And liberals are using politics everyday to pull down our freedoms and way of life

This year, get involved. Volunteer, donate, or run for office.

Your country needs you to make a difference.